Wednesday's Fashion Intern Confession

Wednesday was an eventful day, I accidentally arrived 30 mins late to MC, on my trial day I came in at 9:30am, so somehow my mind was set on...

Wednesday was an eventful day, I accidentally arrived 30 mins late to MC, on my trial day I came in at 9:30am, so somehow my mind was set on arriving at 9:30am. I got there at 9 so I stalled a bit outside, got some coffee and slowly made my way to the security desk to receive my day pass. I slowly rode my way up the 31 flights from the lobby and cheerfully entered the closet with a enthusiastic HELLO!  After putting my purse in the closet I walked over to the desk and the full-time Intern said in her Australian accent "Geez it's 9:30!" I replied "Yeah it's 9:30, what's wrong?" lol she then repeated herself "It's 9:30" insinuating I was late, I responded "That's the time I was told to come last week" then I suddenly realized I'd told the Fashion Assistant I would be there at 9, so in our morning meeting I apologized and she responded "No big deal, I assumed you came at 9:30 because that's what time I told you to come last week." Whew! That was a close one! right? lol

The day went on pretty normal, returns, check in's, runs, blah blah blah. I did some boards for the first time in life! I didn't really make it super neat so I had to redo it, which kinda sucked but you live & you learn. Apparently the Fashion Assistant likes the pictures so close that they are almost on top of each other kind of overlapping; silly me thought that each picture should be in full and complete view! lol Honestly it looks great overlapping like that, and if I ever have to do boards again it will be in that manner. lol So now I can clearly add to my list of skills: Board Master!

To my surprise Ashley Falcon was in the closet shooting a segment for a tv spot so I'll probably be in the segment wondering around in the background. Ashley is fabulous! She's actually not that big on the scale of big but she's def plus sized and well loved at MC.

To end my first full day at MC I was asked to do a simple task. Find a street map of Milan. Now initially I thought this would be an extremely easy task, I took the corporate card and headed over to the Borders in Columbus Circle after hearing the Fashion Assistant say try the Borders. I ran over the few block and walked straight to the travel section and then the problem started. They had street maps of almost every damn European city except Milan! Damnit! So I ran to this little magazine store thinking they must have maps...same story different store. So then I go back to the office and start to call the other Borders to see if they have this Streetwise Milan map and they have it at 34th Street, so I run to the Fashion Assistant and tell her  "Hey they have a map at 34th street I can run and get it" Then I looked on her desk and she had the map "So that's the one they have but you have it, soooo..." lol She explains to me that she had to keep flipping this one over and didn't like that, so I stood there looking dumb for a minute then I saw that she had two and asked her, "Can I just put those two together and make one big one?" Initially she thought it wouldn't work and I walked back to the closet feeling defeated! soooooo sad right? lol Then out of the blue she'd discovered that my BRILLIANT idea would work, and handed off the two maps. And after some serious matching skills and a little bit of copying and taping I emerged from the workroom  a little after 5 with a full size street map of Milan! Magic Done! POW!

At 5:15, I called it a day and headed off to school to buy some books from my classmates!

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