It's a small world afterall

If  you're not in the Fashion Industry yet here's rule #1: This beautiful industry is entirely too small! Here's a brief example...

If  you're not in the Fashion Industry yet here's rule #1: This beautiful industry is entirely too small! Here's a brief example:

Last year right before I started school I briefly (literally briefly) interned at Stylelikeu and had the pleasure of meeting the Lovely pair Elisa Goodkind and her lovely daughter Lily whom are the amazing minds behind the site.

After my brief stint there I ventured back into the world of Styling and Assisted the fabulous Fatima B, and during this time we were going nuts working on team Minaj during here insane somewhat introduction to the mass media and she was on like every hip-hop track ever that was hot and was set to host BET's Rip the Runway. We found out completely short notice and had like 2 or 3 days to gear up for the show, on top of working on like 10 other projects.

The Fab Fatima B

During that time it was crazy calling showrooms and designers trying to get in to pull things for the show on such short notice  so the team had to go into magician mode. Luckily for the team Fatima B's friends with the lovely and talented Laquan Smith and asked for a huge favor last minute and of course he totally came through! But of course since it was literally last minute he needed some time to accommodate us, therefore instead of using a messenger or waiting for Laquan to come to the city I made the long trek into Queens, in this weather!

A pic I took that day during my travels

Nevertheless the dress was absolutely fabulous and was one of the looks Nicki wore on the show paired wi th Giuseppe Zanotti booties and Laure Luxe harness!

Picture from Blaq Vixen Beauty

Once I got to Queens after the longest train ride EVER! and my first experience with an NYC bus, I was extremely cold and semi wet but was extremely pleased when I met Laquan. He was extremely gracious, and down to earth and for the brief 20 or so minutes I was in his home I felt extremely comfortable. He and his family were extremely welcoming and it was a pleasure to met someone like him whom I'm sure is going to make a huge and defining mark on this industry!

Laquan picture from Stylelikeu

Nevertheless these two stories came together this morning when I decided to checkout Stylelikeu and came across Laquan Smith's  feature and although my interactions with both were brief and in many ways insignificant things like this happen on a daily on a much grander scale so remember, no matter how small your interactions may be every one counts! Check out his feature:


P.S.: One of the first thing Mariel taught me was the importance of networking and relationships because in this industry your reputation is all you have, and although we all make mistakes and drop the ball sometimes make sure your hard work out weights your screw ups!



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