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Stylist don't get the credit they deserve as the keepers of Style. They are in a way the Historians of Fashion, they are Master Visionar...

Stylist don't get the credit they deserve as the keepers of Style. They are in a way the Historians of Fashion, they are Master Visionaries and Magicians in some cases. I LOVE Fashion and there are a few Stylist I love! Their work, personal Styles and in some cases their Presence havetruly effected me! Here are the Style Keepers of style that have effected me:

Style Makers

Alison Lang

She's the first Stylist I ever worked with, she's the sweetest woman I've ever meet! I was her Intern at MTV2, she took me under her wing and showed me what the business was like; taking me on appointments with her and lunch dates with all her Stylist friends and even out on one-on-one breakfast talks. It was my first looking into the world of Fashion and I learned so much from her, she works hard and has a huge heart! She's always been kind to me and showed me respect first as an Intern and later as a Colleague. She has the most posh ladylike style ever, her dress collection is outstanding! Knowing her has been a great pleasure.

Mariel Haenn

Magician Mariel! She’s an AMAZING person! She embodies style if she’s in a dress or in cut-off shorts and a tee. She was the first person to give me a shot in the Fashion World (and to pay me!). I met her at MTV and stalked her until she gave a job; I learned so much about the Fashion Industry from her; but more importantly I learned things about life from her! I love her style is what I would call “feminine bravado” with just enough edge and glamour! Her jewelry and furniture collections are outstanding! She’s one of my biggest inspirations, she’s a ROCKSTAR!  I’m beyond happy for all her success, no one deserves it more!

June Ambrose

When I was younger I was obsessed with Missy Elliot and all of the amazing looks in her videos! Not just Missy but all the background noise; I believed there must have been some sort of Magician on the other end of these creative looks and indeed there was! It was the fabulous June Ambrose! I had the pleasure of meeting June several time via Magician Mariel and each time was amazing. June has a personality more fabulous than all the (drag) Queens in New York; and although my meetings with her were just insignificant causalities of her daily schedule, they gave me LIFE!!!!!

Style Society

Andrea Lieberman

I remember dressing like Gwen Stefani because she was the most fabulous woman I’d ever seen in high school; now imagine me a girl from the inner city of Newark, NJ dressing and wearing my hair like Gwen circa “I’m just a Girl” & “Excuse me Mr.”. To say the least it was quite interesting! Yet over the years as her style evolved I continued to emulate her I’ve always loved her edgy yet sleek look. I believe what Andrea Lieberman did with Gwen’s look and the birth of L.A.M.B. was absolutely monumental! She created a FASHION ICON! She gave me something to look forward too, she’s amazing!

Rachel Zoe

I LOVE Nicole Richie! And with the amazing guidance from Rachel Zoe she’s been able to come into her own and become one of the faces of Bohemian Chic. As a fan of the Hippie Chic, Californian-esque style I think what she did with Nicole Richie’s image and style was amazing. And while all of her clients are fabulous and her work speaks for itself what she’s done with Nicole in my opinion is amazing she took her from wearing torn denim skirts and baby tees to looking like the poster child for Flower Power and Hippie Chic sexiness.

Style Mavens

Lysa Cooper

I love her personal style! I LOVE it! I think it’s amazing she can make anything she wears look amazing chic! Some people say her style is Hobo Chic but I just say it’s Fabulous!

Elisa Goodkind

I love how she embodies Androgyny, she’s feminine yet masculine and doesn’t have any qualms about it. She’s an amazingly focused person, who believes in style and her style is amazing!   (Elisa pictured with her daughter)

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