2013: Make it Happen!

There are 10 things I plan on "making happen" in 2013! Positive thinking: I truly believe that your thoughts are the most...

There are 10 things I plan on "making happen" in 2013!

  1. Positive thinking: I truly believe that your thoughts are the most powerful tool that we mere mortals have; and positive reinforcement helps build confidence. I plan on implementing daily affirmations to invoke positive thinking and energy.
  2. Make a Connections: I meet tons of people who I truly enjoy  but I never take the step to connect; this year I plan on making more lasting connections with those I meet. I plan on implementing this in both my professional and personal lives.
  3. Explore new things:  I plan on challenging myself my trying at least one new thing a month. It could be anything from trying a new dish to taking a dance class; I will completely step out of my comfort zone.
  4. Smell the Roses: I've experienced so much awesomeness in my lifetime; but in many cases I wasn't able to soak then up and truly enjoy them; this year no matter how busy I will be smelling the roses!
  5. Talent tap: I honestly haven't taken full advantage of all of my talents and truthfully I take many of them for granted; but this year I plan on using all my talents in both the Fashion and Business world.

  6. Shine bright: Over the years I've downplayed my talents and experiences but 2013 I will take the time out to congratulate myself on achievements.
  7. Launch: I have been working on a few ventures some that are in the works and others that are still on my internal cork board. In the past I've stalled on these ideas because I wasn't confident in my abilities and was terribly afraid I would fail; but this year I'm launching them! #winorloosetakearisk
  8. Reconnect: This year I realized life is way to short how to surround yourself with those who you love and enjoy; so therefore I plan on spending more time with my loved ones and reconnecting with friends I may have lost touch with.
  9. Live out loud: I spend a lot of time living in my head and keeping all of my awesomeness to myself and this year I plan on being more social. I'm truly an introvert and at times can live like a hermit, I enjoy solitude but this year I plan on blessing tons of folk with my awesomeness!
  10. Giving Thanks!: This a few months ago I found an amazing place to worship! Middle Church makes my smile with my heart (Kanye voice)!!!! I plan on joining at the top of the year because I want to be engulfed in worship and praise and do my part to shine the light of God on those in the darkness.
* I also plan on doing some charity work, living a healthy lifestyle  and joining several professional organizations.

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