Work-it- Wednesday: Make a Mark!

Photo: 1st Web Designer  If you work in a creative field be creative with your resume, and even if you don't work in a creative...

If you work in a creative field be creative with your resume, and even if you don't work in a creative field make sure your resumes makes a mark. 

Working in recruiting on any given day I will see between 100-600 resumes; some good, some bad and some downright terrible! While the good ones are seldom, most are mediocre and if it wasn't my primary job to screen resumes I would pass them by too and mostly due to bad format. Format is just as important as content and honestly if your format is too bad it makes your resume unreadable; and a resume that can’t be easily read is looked at as a waste of time and energy. Recruiters need to be able to quickly scan your resume and identify your qualifications in under a minute and in many cases in fewer than 30 seconds.    
Here are a few tips for making your resume make an impression: 

1. Save your resume as your name. example: Jane.Doe  Recruiters and hiring managers look at tons of resumes daily don't be one of the many resume.doc. 

2. Save your resume as a PDF. Remember everyone doesn't use the same computer programs and your format can shift, in order to avoid this save as a pdf.

3. Format is just as important as content. Make sure your resume is easy to read, avoid any reason to make a recruiter overlook your resume. Bad format gives headaches, recruiters don't want headaches. 

4. Come correct. Make sure you use the correct tense throughout your resume, use one font and spell check, use correct dates and make sure you have someone else take a peak before you send it out. 

5. Personalize! Everyone should have several versions of their resume; in this tough job market you should have a resume that highlights the skills needed for all the different job titles you are applying for. Resumes are not universal. 

If you need help with your resume stop by your local One Stop Career Center, or Public Library they always have resources that can help you write or improve your resume. 

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