Our Hallow's Eve Wedding!

In November of 2006 I met the sole person who would change my life forever! I casually met my wife at a micro-gathering at my place whe...

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In November of 2006 I met the sole person who would change my life forever! I casually met my wife at a micro-gathering at my place where a mutual friend was in town so we all hung out. I was immediately drawn to her, it was as if her eyes were magnetically drawing me to her, I didn't understand it and I completely ignored the feeling. At the end of that cloudy night we laughed and she gave me her number. At that very moment I couldn't remember her name so I saved her number in my phone without a name... for a month I regretfully looked at her number in my phone and thought...she's the one who got away! I was super sad!
Obviously our story doesn't stop there! The next month it was written in the starts that we would reconnect forever, as we ran into each out twice in one day in two different states. We both looked at it as a sign and we later began dating in January of 2007. We both knew immediately that we were meant for each other and through all of our ups and downs that feeling has remained the same. Over the years we've discussed marriage but jokingly stated that we wouldn't get married until we could get married at home and after seven years it finally happened!
 Halloween is our favorite holiday and we figured why not just take it all the way and give ourselves a reason to throw a party every year!  
We married on October 31, 2013, in Jersey City, NJ at 9:30 am!

I honestly couldn't ask to be married to a more beautiful woman! She's everything I've ever wanted in a Wife! She's passionate, intelligent, outgoing, creative and very loving; I trust her with my life and I look forward to having a family with her, making all of our dreams come true individually and together, laughing with her and growing old together!
We value so many of the same things, like family, education, equal rights, giving back to the community, she's even helped us discover an amazing church that makes us both feel at home. We're both Proud Black Americans who also love the Great State of New Jersey because it's where both of our grandparents settled after leaving the South!
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 She makes me smile with my heart in a way I didn't know was possible! I can only pray I make her feel half as wonderful as she makes me feel!
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We love laughing and are looking forward of a life time of laughing together!
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All photos were taken by SHANELL BETTS of AFROPIXS

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